It’s an anxiolytic peptide and the analogue of immunomodulatory peptide tuftsin. The IMG (Institute of Molecular Genetics), RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) is the one that developed the Selank.

Due to its anxiolytic (antipanic) effect, it’s useful in treating depression as well as GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).

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What Is Selank?
It’s an anxiolytic peptide and the analogue of immunomodulatory peptide tuftsin. The IMG (Institute of Molecular Genetics), RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) is the one that developed the Selank.

Due to its anxiolytic (antipanic) effect, it’s useful in treating depression as well as generalized anxiety disorder.

How Does Selank Work?
Selank mimics some of the effects of tetrapeptide tuftsin since it’s an analogue of the tetrapeptide. Tuftsin binds to particular leukocytes stimulating their tumoricidal, migration, bactericidal and phagocytic activity while promoting antibody formation.

Due to the perishable condition of Selank, it’s categorised as a lyophilized peptide, which is a substance that’s been dehydrated to make its preservation increase. Selank stimulates endorphins release in your system and serotonin plus dopamine.

Results and Benefits of Selank

  • Selank influences the monoamine neurotransmitters concentration involved in regulating memory, arousals as well as emotions. The chemical normally maintains neuron integrity in several psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety and depression.
  • Anxiety is an emotion that is characterised by an unpleasant inner turmoil state, usually accompanied by nervous behaviour like pacing back and forth, rumination and somatic complaints. It’s the subjectively unpleasant feelings of fear over anticipated events, like the feeling of coming death. People with anxiety can experience difficulties over concentration, fatigue, restlessness as well as muscular tension. Selank induces endorphins metabolism to treat anxiety and has some benefits over conventional benzodiazepines; for instance, it does not have cognitive side effects and sedating effects.
  • Depression, also known as major depressive disorder (MDD), is a mental disorder that is characterised by at least 2 weeks of low mood that’s present across most situations. It’s usually accompanied by pain without any clear cause, low energy, loss of interest in activities that you normally enjoyable and low self-esteem. Also, you may sometimes have false beliefs or hear or see things that other people can’t.
  • People having depression often show a deficiency of 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin), which is a monoamine neurotransmitter that supports a positive mood, enhances appetite and regulates the sleep as well as the wake cycle. Depression can negatively affect your education, work life or personal life as well as your general health.
  • Selank has revealed antidepressant effects in clinical studies as a result of its relation to the dopamine and serotonin increase. Those who have taken Selank have reported an initial calming effect as well as an increased motivation. Also, some users have noted an increase in its capability of learning, memorising new data as well as dig up old memories, like analytical skills enhancement: facts that are associated with the increase of serotonin.
  • Also, depression, on the other hand, is related to low dopamine levels that have indications for motor control and reward-motivated behaviour.
  • Selank affects the normal balance of Th cell cytokines, through IL-6 (Interleukin-6) modulation of the expression. Interleukin 6 is an interleukin known to act as an anti-inflammatory myokine as well as a pro-inflammatory cytokine. It’s encoded by the IL6 gene in humans. It stimulates your immune response during trauma and infections. Also, this cytokine stimulates osteoclast formation that remodels, repair and maintains bones of your vertebral skeleton.
  • It’s been observed that both neuro-regenerative and neuroprotective properties are present when you use Selank. Neuroprotection is typically related to the neuronal integrity preservation (in function and structure). This is an essential support in treating central nervous system disorders (central nervous system diseases), which are typically a group of neurological disorders affecting the function or structure of the spinal cord or brain, which collectively form the CNS (central nervous system).
  • On another side, Selank’s neuroregeneration properties allow the repair or regrowth of cells, cell products or nervous tissues.

Dosage of Selank
You can administer Selank on a daily basis at a dose of about 25mcg-3mg. The lowest effective dose of Selank is around 100mcg. It’s advisable that you contact a specialist who can determine the adequate dose for you.

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