HGH Fragment & CJC-1295 Dac Nasal Spray


HGH Frag 176-191 and CJC 1295 Blend are compounds of the growth hormone responsible for fat reduction. They increase the overall amount of hormonal growth agent in the body, which study has proved to reduce body fat, particularly in the abdominal region.

Peptide Blend: HGH Fragment 176-191 = 1.7mg | CJC-1295 DAC = 0.8mg

HGH Fragment & CJC 1295 DAC 15ml Contains 2.5mg

HGH Fragment & CJC 1295 DAC 30ml Contains 5mg

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This product is intended for research and medical purposes only, to be only used by trained professionals. 

HGH Fragment 176-191 is a smaller category of human growth hormonal agent pattern (HGH) that has been revealed to improve weight loss and aid the metabolic rate to maintain lean body mass.

Additionally, HGH Fragment 176-191 has been shown to tackle many of the negative effects triggered by HGH, such as reduced anaemia, long-bone development, and reduced insulin level of sensitivity.

According to current studies, HGH Fragment 176-191 in research has added to the regular physiologic devices that regulate GH secretion and might favourably influence GH’s degrees.

CJC-1295 might neutralize the Growth Hormonal agent results of HGH Fragment 176-191 as it is an artificial growth hormonal agent, producing hormonal agent. As a result, it promotes the release of GH. 

CJC-1295 in research studies has been shown to enhance peak. And also, basic degrees of GH have likewise been revealed to raise plasma degrees of HGH. CJC-1295 has been shown to make up for a typical physiologic action to HGH fragment 176-191.


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